Implementation of general construction on-site works.

Our specialists carry out:

  • geodetic works;
  • excavation;
  • device of reinforced concrete monolithic structures;
  • manufacturing and installation of metal structures;
  • arrangement of internal engineering systems and equipment of buildings and structures;
  • installation of various technological equipment;

Communication systems and SCS.

OOO  “AES-SINERGIA”  has extensive experience and provides services for the construction and commissioning of various communication systems and SCS:

  • construction and installation works and commissioning works in the field of wireless communication systems, including the construction of multi-span radio relay lines and wireless broadband communication systems;
  • construction of fiber-optic communication lines of any complexity on the territory of enterprises;
  • design and construction of SCS;
  • repair of telecommunication wireless equipment from foreign manufacturers and power supply equipment of telecommunication systems.

Installation of automation systems.

Our specialists carry out the installation of various automation systems for the technological process and instrumentation and automation, as well as carrying out commissioning works:

  • automation of technological processes;
  • control and automation systems (instrumentation and automation);
  • telecommunication and telemetry systems (SCADA);
  • electrochemical protection (ECP);
  • security alarm systems for the perimeter of the facility, video monitoring of the protected area, access restriction systems

Installation of power supply systems.

Our company carries out installation and commissioning of power supply systems, power and industrial electrical equipment:

  • power supply systems, technical re-equipment of outdoor switchgear and indoor switchgear;
  • lightning protection and grounding systems;
  • cathodic protection systems;
  • relay protection and automation of power facilities

The company also received a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations No. 77-B101935 dated April 01, 2015, which gives the right to carry out activities for the installation, maintenance and repair of fire safety equipment for buildings and structures.

The presence of our own electrical laboratory (ETL) allows us quickly organize measurements and tests at the current facilities of the company. Certificate No. 4980 dated May 31, 2013

The efficiency of industrial enterprises is a direct consequence of how well the engineering networks, monolithic structures, communication and automation systems are arranged. The construction of oil and gas facilities should be carried out taking into account the volume of recoverable reserves of raw materials, the dispersion of oil and gas fields, the need to build long-distance wires, climatic conditions and safety standards. In order to optimize the functioning of the structure, it is worth reconstructing facilities, replacing cable products, re-equipping automation systems and other preventive measures. For this, specialists with the appropriate qualifications, experience and material and technical base are involved.

Oil & Gas Construction Firm

Since 2010, our company has been engaged in construction in the oil and gas industry and production automation. We have formed a well-coordinated team of performers and worked out schemes for providing services for:

  • Execution of construction on-site works (earth, geodetic, installation of monolithic and metal structures, installation of engineering systems);
  • Communication systems and SCS (design, construction, installation and commissioning, equipment repair);
  • Installation of the automation system;
  • Installation of power supply networks.

OOO  “AES-SINERGIA” has dozens of successfully completed and implemented projects on the account of the organization, which became the key to launching productive industrial enterprises with smooth operation of all systems.

Installation and configuration of technical equipment from a team of experts.

Engaging specialists in the construction and maintenance of oil and gas facilities, you ensure the safety and efficiency of the enterprise. Any industrial construction of any scale requires from time to time technical re-equipment, inspection and replacement of equipment, the introduction of new tools for process automation. We know a lot about this and are ready to start working on your project. The agreed work will be performed efficiently and on time according to transparently executed documentation. Waiting for you.

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