Experienced builders

We have highly qualified personnel with experience in construction in various industries. Experienced builders We have highly qualified personnel with experience in construction in various industries.

Modern equipment

Our teams are equipped with modern professional equipment and tools.

Transparent documentation

Working with us you can be sure that everything will be in perfect order with the documentation.

Reliable partners

We try to fully justify the trust of our partners, performing work efficiently and on time.


OOO  “AES-SINERGIA” was established in 2010 with the aim of ensuring maximum efficiency in solving production problems for construction and technical re-equipment in the oil and gas complex. The organization is capable of performing the whole range of works on general construction on-site work, technical re-equipment of engineering systems, commissioning, supply of equipment and materials necessary for the implementation of tasks in the oil and gas complex.


Construction of oil and gas facilities.

Competently thought-out layouts of production facilities, properly arranged communications and production automation systems are important factors for the successful functioning of an industrial enterprise. Therefore, for the productive organization of space and the implementation of process automation tools, we recommend using the services of professionals. Since 2010, we have been working in the field of construction and solving industrial problems in the oil and gas sector. Knowing all aspects of the operation of this industry, we offer effective ways to quickly start up a plant with high productivity. Construction of structures and adjustment of communications are carried out taking into account the subsequent processes carried out at the facility.

What is included in the services of the organization OOO  “AES-SINERGIA”

Our engineering company works in the following areas:

  • General construction on-site works, which are preceded by geodetic surveys; • Installation of automation systems. Our employees select solutions for process automation for a specific area of ​​the industry, perform commissioning;
  • Organization of a communication system and structured cable systems for the proper equipment of the facility and convenient transmission of information;
  • Installation of power supply systems with the development of outdoor switchgear, closed switchgear, installation of lightning protection and grounding.

Our team is capable of fulfilling all tasks related to the construction of oil and gas facilities, technical re-equipment, supply of equipment and materials for solving the assigned tasks. The company is licensed to carry out installation, maintenance and repair of fire safety equipment.

Effective assistance in launching oil and gas enterprises.

Cooperating with our company, you get a number of advantages related to the qualifications and experience of personnel in the construction field, modern equipment, transparent documentation and strict adherence to deadlines and agreements. We will be happy to assist you in launching a productive industrial facility or optimizing an existing one. We are waiting for requests.